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Termite Pest Control

Termite Pest Control is imperative to ensure your home or office remains structural sound. 
Termites can be a hidden threat that you may not realise activity is occurring until it's too late. Termite Pest Control shouldn't be taken lightly, and a yearly termite inspection is recommended to ensure no termite activity is occuring. 

Jenner Pest Control will check, if practical: 

  • all accessible timbers under the house

  • all accessible timbers under the roof

  • inside and outside the building and its surrounds

  • gardens

  • fences

  • trees and stumps

  • any other timber structures and trees on the property, up to 50 meters from the main building

  • the presence and effectiveness of visible and accessible termite barriers

  • the susceptibility of the property to termite infestation (for example subfloor ventilation and drainage, and obvious damp areas).

The pest inspection report from Jenner Pest Control will include details of:

  • the areas inspected (mentioning any areas that were inaccessible)

  • termite activity

  • a termite management plan if termite activity is found, detailing methods and costs, an assessment of all options, and the expected outcomes and limitations.

Read about a few common signs of termite activity and evidence, as it can be crucial in catching termite activity early.

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