Like a rat up a drainpipe we will solve your rodent issues fast.  No one enjoys the feeling of having unwanted rats or mice around so let us help.  All our rodent treatments are conducted with our client’s happiness in mind:

  • Only the highest quality and safest rodent baits are used.

  • Our baits are secured in lockable rodent bait stations to ensure that your kids and pets can’t access our baits.

  • We carry several rodent baits with us to help get any rodent issue under control.  The best part is the baits we select do not cause secondary poisoning so you can rest easy when contacting our friendly team.

  • We will provide a full report on conducive conditions for rodents, any possible access areas and actions that should be undertaken to ensure rodents don’t reinfest your home.  The best part – our team is pretty handy so we can carry out a lot of exclusion work for you.