• Josh Hickey

Termites Sunshine Coast

As home owners, termites are the one pests that we're all a bit nervous of. Why? Because they seems to be invisible to the naked eye unless you know what you're looking for. Luckily we do.

You may have heard that Termites on the Sunshine Coast are a very common issue and 1 in 4 homes may experience termite infestations. If you're unsure of what to look for, check out our checklist of evidence of termite damage.


There are over 360 different species of termites found in Australia alone. Termites have distinct features and have a soft body with 6 legs and straight antennae that are shorter than the overall body length.

Termites occur throughout Queensland, with high incidences of infestation in the majority of our urban areas. Unprotected properties in the Sunshine Coast are prevalent to being targeted and attacked.

Termites on the Sunshine Coast can affect properties differently, and may attack timber posts like fences, or wooden columns, but overall termites Sunshine Coast can destroy the wall and roofing timbers in less than 3 months, making it imperative to have a yearly check as we're able to catch those little termites dead in their tracks and before the damage is too extensive.

We use only the best termite baiting systems, the Agenda Baiting System from Bayer.

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