Pest and termite control shouldn't be confusing.  So we are here to ensure it isn't.  Products manufactured to the highest standards.  Clear and consice reporting.  All work service guaranteed. 


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Are you frustrated from seeing those little pests crawling around your home or office? Not only are they unsightly, and sometimes can be hard to get rid of, they also impact the health of your family and coworkers so it's best to keep pest control at the top of your priority list each year. 

We, at Jenner Pest Control, offer pest control treatment in Brisbane for residential and commercial properties, with our focus being around affordability & quality workmanship & products used. Using eco-friendly pest control techniques and products, your safety of your family and pets is our priority.


Our pest and termite control philospophy has been built around what we would feel safe with if another company carried out pest or termite services around our families and pets.  This is because we love our families, and no more so than our little ones.  So what is as important to us as safe pest and termite control? The longegivity of our planet for them to enjoy! Because of this we at Jenner Pest Control have put the following in place:

Environmentally responsible treatments designed for your specific pest or termite needs.

Only products developed and manufactured to the highest standards, and all approved by the APMVA.

We don't use solvent based chemicals.  They can be harmfull to the environment so we have decided to stay clear of them.

A proactive approach which encourages solutions to pest issues before they become infestations.  This means less application of products to your property.

Non-toxic pheramone glue traps can be used to help control a number of pest issues.  We carry a diverse range of these traps to ensure we have the right product for you.

Extremely safe bait matrix's for termite control in both above ground and in ground termite stations.