Persistent ant issues driving you as mad as a cut snake?  Never fear, Jenner Pest Control is here.  We guarantee to have a safe and simple solution to your ant issue:

  • We will use only products developed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the safety of our workers, your family and pets and the environment.  The best part is we can source all this from a proud Aussie company who manufacture all their products right here in Australia, Sundew Solutions PTY Ltd.

  • We utilise a combination of a polymer enhanced residual surface spray, impregnated ant sand, gel bait and dust.  With so many products on hand we believe we can fix any ant issue you may have.

  • Our ant service comprises of two treatments.  We always like to do a follow up 4-6 weeks after our initial treatment to check in and do a follow up treatment if any activity persists.  Don’t stress, the cost of the follow up is included in your initial fee.

  • We will provide you with a 6-month service guarantee.  If you feel our treatment hasn’t been effective in controlling ants, we will pop back out free of charge. Simple.